Wood Plastic Composite Fencing

Wood Plastic Composite Fencing

Wood Plastic Composite Fencing
High capacity of UV-resistance, and color stability
Easy to be installed and low labor cost
Weather resistant, suitable from-40 to 60
100% recycled, environmental friendly

Product Details

wood plastic composite railing fencing and door

Product Description

Wood plastic composite fencing uses a new type of green landscape material. It is made of polyolefin plastics and cellulose wood fibers and is manufactured by special treatment process. Fencetastic WPC products do not fade, crack or rot. They are insect-resistant and graffiti-resistant, and have good fire resistance. Fencetastic WPC products have the natural characteristics of wood and can be used in many areas of buildings. 

Our wood plastic composite fencing is designed to use aluminium parts as structural support. Wood plastic composite material is used as fence board, making the whole design have better wind pressure resistance and fully embody wood-like appearance. It achieves 100% recycle, environmental friendly, saving forest resources.

Wood plastic composite fencing is an attractive and reliable decoration solution that can stand the test of time. Every product is knotless, of the similar size, color and length, so there is no need to find the perfect product. It looks, smells and has handle-like wood, but it has plastic durability. It is easy to install with low labor cost.


Main feature:

1. Looks and feels like natural wood
2. Durable, anti-impact, wearproof, with high density
3. High capacity of UV-resistance, and color stability
4. High resistant to mositure and termites
5. Easy to be installed and low labor cost
6. Required no painting, no glue, low maintenance
7.100% recycled, environmental friendly, saving forest resources
8. Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking
9. Weather resistant, suitable from-40 to 60


  Test Method



  1. Density

  ASTM D792-2008 METHOD B


  g / cm 3

  2. Flexural Modul u s

  ASTM D790-07E1



  3. Flexural Strength

  ASTM D790-07E1



  4. Water Absorption

  ASTM D570-98



  5. Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient

  ASTM E831-06


  UM/M °C

  6. IZOD Impact Strength

  ASTM D4812-06



  7. Hardness

  ASTM D2240-05


  8.UV Resistance (Light Resistance / Xenon-Arc Exposure)

  IS0105-02:2000/Amd.2:2000(E), ISO 05-A02:1993 Cor2:2005, Exposure 720 hours

  Grey 4-5 grey scale
  Brown 4 grey scale
  Mahogany 4-5 grey scale
  Dark Walnut 4-5 grey scale


  9.Thermal Shock Test

  IEC 60068-2-14 Na: 1986, 5 cycles

  No signs of cracking, warping, chipping and discoloration


  10.Mould Resistance

  ASTM F609

  First Grade