How To Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum Fence

- Apr 18, 2018-

With the naked eye, you can also put forward the conclusion that the quality is good or bad, and mainly check the following aspects:

(1) First check the wall thickness of the profile. It is a thin wall profile that cannot be used.

(2) Check the flatness of the surface of the profile, such as the hollow profile, and see if there are any depressions and bulges on the four sides.

(3) Check that the profile is 6 meters long. Whether there is obvious twisting or not, twisting can not be used very much, because in the cast aluminum window, it is necessary to straighten the profile, so that this profile always exists in the window. Twist stress.

(4) Check whether there are open bubbles (white spots) and ash (black spots) on the profile surface.

(5) Cracks, burrs, peeling, and corrosion are not allowed on the surface of the profile.

(6) There must be no obvious scratches, pressure pits or bumps on the surface of the profile.

(7) The profile is bent with both hands, the twist strength is better, and it can be restored after releasing the hand. Not too soft, like "noodles" can never be used.

(8) Two colors with different shades are not allowed in the same profile.

(9) Put a few pieces together to see the color difference. If the color difference is large, it is not easy to use.

(10) Use a smooth hard object (iron) on the surface of the profile to draw a light stroke. Leave a white scratch on the surface of the profile. If it can be wiped off by hand, it means that no oxide film has been removed, such as white scratches. Can not afford to lose, the oxide film has been crossed out, indicating that the oxide film is not strong, the oxide film is too thin, the quality of aluminum oxide is poor.

The quality of aluminum is related to many factors. The above is very simple and general introduction. It is mainly for the user to purchase aluminum with a basis for preliminary selection. Do not be fooled. When you purchase materials, you need to look at the test report, listen to the promoters and open their mouths, and they are greedy for cheap, so it is easy to buy back unqualified aluminum materials and cause hidden dangers to the buildings.

(11) Hollow profile core wall has blue, green, yellow.