Intelligent Security System

- Apr 18, 2018-

Alarm and linkage function

The door magnets and window magnets are installed to prevent illegal intrusion. The management system can receive signals through the alarm controller installed in the resident's room to quickly handle the alarm. When the alarm linkage control can generate an alarm in the room, the system will send out alarm information and automatically turn on the indoor lighting, start the alarm, and so on.

Emergency help function

The indoor alarm controller has an emergency call function, and the management system can respond to and respond to emergency response signals from residents.

Alarm management display function

The away mode is the anti-theft alarm state to prevent illegal intrusion. The management system can receive the alarm signal in real time, automatically display the alarm dwelling number and alarm type, and automatically archive the system information.

Preset alarm function

Intelligent security system can preset alarm call.

Set/disarm linkage control

In the home defense mode, the security system can be linked to cut off the power of some home appliances. In the home disarm mode, some of the lights automatically turn on, the door magnets and window magnets go offline, and the indoor smoke detectors and kitchen combustible gas detectors are still in alarm mode.

Post-police control processing

When there is an illegal intruder or gas leak at home, the system will automatically call, send SMS, MMS, capture pictures and E-mail to the specified user mobile phone! When the user receives a phone message, he or she can use the mobile computer to view the home monitor screen and control the home appliance settings, arming and disarming, and other operations.